What we have done

We have helped groups attract funding since 2012.


million of grants


million of match funding in Stockport


success rate on over 780 bids

How we can help:

  • Setting up your group – help with a constitution or other documents 
  • Searching for funding – detailed funding search for your work 
  • Writing your first funding bid – advice and examples of bids 
  • “Critical Friend” – reading over your bid before you submit it.  
  • Chance to meet funders - Funding events, networking and meeting funders.  

Before you bid: 

You will need a few things in place: 

  • A group of people with ideas. Funders tend to fund groups not individuals 
  • A bank account in the name of the group with two signatories 
  • A constitution (written rules of your group) – including a “dissolution clause” 
  • At least three people who will play the roles chair, treasurer and secretary 

Some funds available locally

Community Fund Annual Report 2022/23

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Funding enquiry form