Name Change for Charity Thanks To Boom In Services

A charity dedicated to improving opportunities for those in need is changing its name to reflect the boom in services it can now provide.

Foundations Stockport has been rebranded as SKylight, a name which not only nods to the fact it can now provide more than basic support for those in need. The letters `SK` also reflect the postcode of its Stockport heritage and location.

“Right from the very beginning we were always pushing ourselves to do more and more for the people that we could help,” said Roger Phillips, Chair of the Foundations Board “Foundations – as a name – reflected that, providing building blocks to improve the prospects of those who need us. But since establishing the charity four years ago, we can now do so much more – such as providing employment support and training. So, we wanted a name which would encourage the idea of looking upwards to a more positive future. To show that there is light at the end of the tunnel”

Foundations Stockport was established as the charitable arm under Stockport Homes Group umbrella, a not-for-profit organisation comprising a group of diverse businesses catering for housing needs and social support across the borough.  Foundations Stockport Limited - now SKylight – is its charitable arm.

The aim of SKylight is to enhance the work done by Stockport Homes Group in terms of employment support, food poverty and helping people across Greater Manchester to live independently whilst reducing the demand on statutory services.

The new range of employment services includes CV support, interview training and a range of skills courses – with a dedicated officer to help at each stage. SKylight also now provides temporary accommodation for those who find themselves homeless.  And it has also established a community fund – offering £2,000 to help improve and sustain the neighbourhoods where they manage properties.

Existing services include a Furniture Recycling project for people setting up a home or to help people make a house a home. Foundations also runs `Your Local Pantry`, a chain of food shops created to provide a sustainable and long-term solution to food poverty. Members pay a small weekly fee, typically £3.50, for which they can choose at least ten items of food each week.

Added Roger Phillips: "Reflecting our ethos, we want to do more than offer shelter. We want to make people feel better about themselves so they can find a way to move forward and live independently. This might be anything from just providing haircuts to cookery courses. Alongside, of course, all the social support needed to find employment and move forward with their lives. Our ultimate aim is to help people to be in a position where they no longer rely on services like ours.  To sustain their tenancies and live independently. With the range of services and support that Sk-y-light can offer, we want to continue to give hope for a better future.”