Different furniture, Different stories – the project that makes a house a home

The furniture project which has already supported 814 households since April 2021 with furniture and white goods has welcomed customers to their brand-new premises in Hazel Grove.  

The project which has been running for 5 years has seen the number of donations increase over the past few years, to the point where they have now outgrown their current premises in the Stockport, with the need for the project more important than ever, the team have welcomed a new store and can continue to help customer make a house a home. 

With the new premises the project won’t just be supplying the basic pieces of furniture, but customers will be able to choose soft furnishing such as cushions, rugs, and curtains, with its ‘IKEA’ like set up, little show rooms will give customers inspiration to add their personal touch to the interior of their home.  

The project hopes to expand to offer children and adult clothing for interviews, winter clothing to help with the cost of living, Christmas items and baby items such as prams and cots.  

Roger Phillips

With the cost-of-living crisis, projects like the Furniture Recycling are more important than ever, providing customers with the essential furniture, they support customers to sustain their tenancies and help them make a house a home. This new premises is going to allow the team to expand what it offers and support more customers. I am exciting to see what the future holds for the team.

Roger Phillips, Board Member