Community Fund awarded to Forward

With LGBT+ History Month approaching next month, we thought it would be a great time to reflect on the incredible events Forward put on in celebration of the month last year, funded by the Community Fund.

Forward is a Stockport LGBT+ Centre aiming to provide a visible and dedicated space for LGBT+ folk, family and friends, to meet, participate and share with the wider community.

In February 2021, Forward celebrated LGBT+ History Month by hosting a series of virtual events throughout the month.

The events, activities and fun packs were all based around the theme of Body, Mind and Spirit, with the aims of improving people’s wellbeing.

Forward’s LGBT+ History Month activities were an opportunity for people to share, connect, give, be physical, learn, and most importantly, celebrate who they are and plan for a more positive future.

Forward successfully applied to the Community Fund for £1000 to fund two Plastic Recycling Workshop hosted by Plastic Shed, hire a filmmaker for promotional videos, interviews and a wrap up video, run a Drag Queen Bingo, host a book talk with Gill Rossini, a ‘Closet Monsters’ Queer Representation in Horror discussion and a Poetry Open Mic!

Forward received some amazing feedback on all the events they hosted, and we are excited to see what they will be doing for LGBT+ History Month this year.

For more information about Forward visit