SKylight's Youth Diversionary Officer works with a wide range of young people to support in reducing Anti-Social Behaviour at the earliest stages. We do this through detached sessions out in our communities, getting to know the young people and developing sessions of interest to them. We also work with one on one with young people to support them to sustain their tenancies with SHG.  

Our activities are designed to promote positive behaviours, self-esteem and confidence. Our support is tailored to meet the needs of vulnerable individuals and groups, some of whom will have complex needs. We aim to help young people to achieve their potential and enhance their life chances through collaborative working and child centred approaches.

Supporting young people across Stockport

We can support schools through the delivery of Heartstone Project, a hate crime programme designed to raise awareness and tackle stigma. 

For more information, please contact Chris Thomas on [email protected] or 0161 218 1091.